Sunday, 23 August 2015

Evolution: Nurgle Bikers

Warning: Picture heavy post.

So as I said in an earlier post I purchased the Dark Vengeance set back in early 2013. I followed through on my initial plans to completely convert the Dark Angels half of the box to Chaos. Being the filthy scrub that I am I also made the brilliant decision of converting all of the bikers to the cult of Nurgle. 

So I purchased an additional 4 bike models for an exorbitant retail price, and got to work. 

I knew those Dark Angels were hiding something...

Obligatory greenstuff tentacles for no apparent reason. 

More green slime nuggets.

This fellow can never leave his motor cycle. Not even to use the little nurgles room. 

A decent green stuff job IMO. 

Behold! The first conversion I ever received a compliment on!

Soak in the badassery

Yes, that IS a disemboweled, stabbed, roped up cadian being dragged!

So naturally I painted up these fellows in my (at the time) usual Black Legion colours. Bright yellow base, followed by bright gold, highlighted by even brighter silver! Black? That doesn't need to be highlighted; besides it's impossible anyway!

Eyes of the Nurg dog

Looking back now I see that those are some horrendously conspicuous tentacles. 

I still love that poor Cadian tho. 

So as the years flew by (like one), and my interest in the hobby waxed and waned I began to repaint most of my miniatures. Sometimes units were repainted multiple times. I'm sure almost everyone reading this has done the same thing at some point. 

Something big needed to be done about the awkward looking bikes. I needed to draw some inspiration before deciding on a new colour scheme. Although the bikes would be remaining in my Black Legion army I didn't mind if they were painted in an outsider's colours. The way I see it: the Black Legion is an open church. If you want to destroy the Imperium of Man, then we're cool with you. 

Initially I started doing image searches on google for 30k death guard. To my surprise none of the returns really drew my attention. I mean there are some absolutely fantastic looking 30k armies out there, but it wasn't quite what I was seeing in my minds eye. 

Then I came across this artist: 

Let me just say right now that my finished product doesn't even land in the same state, never mind ball park as this beautiful mini. But holyshit, how can you see a paint job like that, and not try to replicate with a willing canvas? 

Anyways, I painted up a mock attempt before rounding out the squad. This is how it came out:

I know, I know. Not even close. But! Much, much better than the previous edition. And that's all that matters, right? Right guys?

Painting this was an absolute pain. Trying to emulate the above artist just made me feel shitty about the whole enterprise. If they can paint like that, why try? The rest of the squad sat on my hobby desk for the better portion of 2 months before I looked each one of these bike bastards in the eye, and said "It's painting time!"

Here are the finished products. I'm happy enough with them, but this project as a whole has shown me a lot about how far from greatness I truly am when it comes to painting (and only painting). 


Awkward tentacles are less noticeable now I think.

Ta-ta now!


  1. It's tough watching some of those painting tutorials and not feel down about your own painting skill. Having said that, looks like you progressed even from your first paint job into your second. These pictures are proof! You're getting better, and learning through mistakes.

    I don't even want to look at my first guard models anymore. I doubt I'll repaint them, but they're definitely not my magnum opus either.

    1. You'll have to point them out to me next time. It would be interesting to compare them to the shiny new blood angels.

    2. I tend to bury them in my platoons these days, you don't notice them as much because they're being removed from the table by the shovel full.