Friday, 7 August 2015

Smashy, Bashy and Lassy



Thats right, Ogres baby! The mutants have been relieved of their coal shoveling chores, and equipped for battle!

These big boys are about as points heavy as an elite choice gets. Each freak-show weighs in at 60 points, and that's without any upgrades at all which is how I've chosen to keep them.

I couldn't resist picking these brutes up after finding out that one of them can be upgraded to a Packmaster: a dog handler who can bring up to 6 chaos hounds.

Breaking the scale at 330pts these boys have no armour save to speak of, and only move 6". The wound count on this 7 model unit is 18, all at toughness 5.

But forget the unit entry. You ever heard of flavour? These guys are garlic cloves pickled in horse urine.




  1. "These guys are garlic cloves pickled in horse urine."

    Firstly: ew. Secondly: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww

    Thirdly: any way to give them a 5+ FNP or something...?

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  3. Actually in the original write up I talked about this, but I decided that it became too wordy. The unit can purchase Carapace armour for 25pts, and the mark of Nurgle gives them 5+ FNP for another 35pts. Sure the 4+,5+ makes them much more survivable, but at 60pts that's a whole additional 10 man squad I'm losing. What do you think?

  4. Remember your guardsmen, right? You're only T3, so FNP doesn't work on anything as big or bigger than an Autocannon. I'd probably put the emphasis on the FNP before the 4+ armour, because that gives you a save against things like heavy bolters, regular bolters, etc, which is probably what's going to be doing most of the shooting at you anyways.

    NEITHER of those defensive upgrades help you against a regular, run of the mill Hellhound, LR Eradicator, or other crowd-pleasers however. 60 points in upgrades represents half of each of those things respective costs... soo..... take from it what you will.

    Personally I'd keep them cheap and give them a fly ride, that way you have to pop the top before getting into the gory work.