Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Proof of Live

It hasn't been a very productive 30 days for blogging, but I have managed quite a bit of hobbying. In fact I've more or less finished my Renegades project for now. There are still the ogres to paint, and about 50 troopies to still build, but I think i'm going to put that on the back burner for now.

It's been quite the journey learning to use the new Airbrush. Someone who commented on one of my posts pointed out to me that I should be lubing up my equipment. So that's what I've been doing, and I must say it makes a HUGE difference for dry tip; that's not a euphemism I swear.

The last piece to be finished was the Fellblade. It's not quite where I want it, but I'm too excited to start on my next project to put it off any longer. This is as far as I'm going to take the paintjob for now.

And here are the five enforcers with an obnoxious pink glow sword.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading. 


  1. The upside down wall socket is really throwing me through a loop! There's no other frame of reference in that picture. lol.

    I've been totally AWOL lately but I'm starting to get the itch to throw some dice again. Today was supposed to be the day, but I'm home sick.... Next week, perhaps....?

    1. I should probably also mention your mans look totally badass.

    2. Hey thanks man. Not that an upside down socket would be any indicator, but the electrical in this place is totally fubared.

      I'm sick right now as well, and my sister is about to have a baby any minute now. But I am still looking forward to our next game!

    3. Hey! Congrats on your impending uncle-dom.

      ... Have you played my bugs yet...?