Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Mordheim Terrain Project FINISHED!!

I just put the final bow on the entire set. So I'm a little excited. So excited in fact that I made a video that you can watch if you're bored of pictures:

If not then read on muthalovas! First up: Custom Trees from hell. 

Remember these?
I added some air-drying clay to the frames and sculpted to make barkey effect. 

Have you heard of hobby-tac before? Me neither. I discovered it last night while watching WoodLand Scenics youtube series on how to put together their trees. 

As it turns out this tree foliage stuff HATES PVA glue. 

You know what though? I made that foliage my bitch. I said, "wont you please accept the glue with grace?" I shan't repeat where the foliage told me to stick the glue.

Here they are after a long night of struggling. You can see that the wood-glue dried and is still very visible. A little air-brushing fixed it right up. 

Oh. Also I painted literally all of my buildings. It took two 2-hour sessions over two days. 

After painting everything I realized that I need to build some gangways and ladders, otherwise all games of Mordheim would be largely taking place on the ground. With these finished I can produce interesting rooftop scenarios each time I set up!

These were built out of Balsa wood and painted with cheap acrylics. 

Thanks for checking it out! Now I just have to find some local opponents...


  1. Where is the picture with all the component at once ?

    1. I seem to have forgotten to take one! I got too carried away with the video... where you can see everything at once.