Friday, 26 February 2016

Big Mistake?

So I may have just opened a proverbial can of worms the size of Texas.

And I don't think I can put the lid back on it, nor do I want to!

Mmmm delicious minis. But this game is terrain intensive; whatever will I play on? Surely not the less than stellar paper terrain that comes within pictured starter set. Nay!

Thanks to the studs over at MC Studios here in Canada (Montreal) I will be declaring AROs in NO-TIME. I paid a total of 15$ for the shipping on that fat stack. Having a hard time seeing just how fat that stack is?

Here is Kramer standing in its wake. Production on this project will commence the moment I finish this blasted Kings of War army. Too many miniatures is the best problem to have. Have an infintily awesome weekend everybody :D

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