Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Some people are crazy... and I reap the rewards!

A local shop-keep advertised on facebook, "lot of classic mini's for 40$". The ad included 5 or so blurry pictures of some white-primed minis. Wait a second... are those rogue trader...wait Squats!? To my surprise the post was 3 hours old by the time I had peeped it with zero replies. Needless to say I am now the luckiest mini collector of the month. Blurry pictures inbound:

Some OG space marines. Not pictured are the bits to make about 10 more with two more of those badass pre-heresy missile launchers. 

22 metal Eldar from way back in-the-day.

Have you ever seen terminators so jacked?

Chaos Termies. Arms included off screen.

Old Eldar wraith knight, and two rogue trader dreadnoughts. Awww yeeeaaahhh

Epic scale Greater Daemons. They're adorable! 

This is a picture that I wish I had focused better. 4 Necromancer type dudes. They look super slick.

Two fantasy orks and one Nob.



A whole whack of fantasy humans. Did I mention that I only paid 40$?

14 metal Dwarves from a swathe of different companies and eras. 

Old school GW Chaos warriors.

Metal Dragon Orgre

Old GW ogres. Amazing sculpts.

I'm not quite sure what these two are supposed to be, but they give me the willies. 

Uhhhh.. 8 metal dragons. EIGHT

4 Squats. Yep.

An old Citadel box of Skeletons! Complete!

Bottom right: OG Horrors. Top middle: Most of an Epic scale Warlord titan.

And the inevitable bath!
Unpacking this priceless collection has forced me to think about a few things. Using the space marines I can complete my Ultramarine army and create an all new super-OG kill team. The Dwarf & Chaos fantasy miniatures could comprise two new Mordheim warbands. The 24 skeletons still-on-sprue will allow me to play an undead Age of Sigmar army. Not to mention the Eldar models and fantastical Dragons.

At this point I think I need to put down in writing some kind of order of operations to make sure I'm knocking out projects before hoping onto something new. With this colossal pile of unpainted miniatures before me I could get buried in them for years without ever finishing a single project. Here goes:

Priority Number/Project to finish to 100% completion.
1.)  Basilean Army
2.) 4 D&D Minis that are on my desk and 50% done
3.) Infinity Terrain
4.) Operation Ice storm Minis
5.) Ultramarines -> Army & Kill Team
6.) 2 Dragons & some D&D Minis
7.) Skeletons for Age of Sigmar
8.) 2 Dragons & some D&D Minis
9.) 5 OG Chaos Termies & Spartan Assault Tank
10.) Chaos Warband for Mordheim
11.) 3 Ogres for Mordheim
12.) Dwarves for Mordheim
13.) Eldar for Kill Team including Wraith Knight & Epic Scale Phantom Titan!

We'll see if I manage to stick to this To-Do-List or not. It's a lot to swallow, but I couldn't be happier with this addition to my collection! I'll have to be very careful in the future; I'm approaching hoarder status.


  1. Stupendous find. Obviously you could sell just a portion of that on Ebay to recoup your money and enjoy the rest for "free".

    1. If I sold all of it for what I see other people asking it would be quite a huge margin of profit! The problem lies in separating me with miniatures... haha. Thanks for the comment! I agree it was a pretty stupendous find :D

  2. You've got a Macross Glaug in there too.... Very nice....