Saturday, 4 July 2015

A New Thing

Hello, and welcome to all of you good-looking, hyper intelligent web-surfers who've managed to end up on my blog! I'm late to the blogging party, but somehow having my own place to post hobby progress feels appropriate, (if a little narcissistic) at this point in my hobby career.

On this blog dear reader you will find Nobel prize worthy write ups of my weekly hobby progress with respects to mostly Warhammer 40k. That is of course assuming I don't become hugely discouraged, and laziness hides it's ugly face as I try to settle into a healthy writing routine.

A little history: I began my hobby adventure at the ripe young age of 12. I was the clumsy kid at the hobby shop with a brand new box of Necrons, and a five dollar pot of bolt-gun metal. It has been fourteen dorky years since those good ol' days, and I have clipped my self many a sprue in that time. I've collected more Warhammer than I would ever care to admit to a pretty stranger on the street.

Unfortunately when I was a younger, weaker, less chiseled man I sold my entire collection in an effort to run from the hobby's stigma. Three years ago marked the end of a seven year hiatus. Since my second GW baptism I've managed to build, and retain a substantial Black Legion collection. Most likely it will be the main focus of this blog.

The blog title seemed obvious to me. Three of my favourite things in this life, and they go together like ketchup and ice-cream. Coffee is a ritual for me, and probably for most of you; nothing lubes up a work day like a caffeine drenched mind.

Cats speak for themselves. Nothing quite like a nice fluffy puss.

And lastly: Conversions. Invariably when asked what their favourite aspect of the hobby is a miniature hobbyist will answer: "I love kit-bashing! Converting these space marines into slightly cooler space marines is the only task in my life which keeps my mind from wandering to granddad's .22 in my night stand."

And on that happy note: Welcome to Cats, Coffee and Conversions! I hope you enjoy, and are inspired by the content to come.


  1. Looking forward to this! For me it's cats coffee painting! Just picked up a two-month-old kitten and she's already keeping my feet warm while I paint she hasn't figured out how to jump up yet but the day that she does, I hope that my wet pallet and thin superglue are nowhere to be found lol! Cheers brother!

    1. Haha I actually already have this problem. The big guy pictured above sits at my feet and demands to be let up. If I let him up he will basically bring all painting production to a halt, and if I pet him at all his hair will drift into my wet pallet and onto my model! They are the best and worst pets.

      Btw thanks for being the first guy to comment on my blog!