Saturday, 11 July 2015

Command Crew

 I had the pleasure of putting together the platoon command kit. I didn't add too many bits to this squad. A cape from the Mauruder kit was used on one of the riflemen, but other than that this is just the regular crew.

What a merry bunch

Aforementioned cape

I love that an actual metal rod is included with this guy

This squad will be the body guard of the warlord demagogue, so it's worth noting that the squad leader will be replaced with my preexisting Cultist: Blue Face. He has served me well over the three years I've been using the Dark Vengeance kit. In all likely hood he hasn't missed a single battle! It will be nice to see him with a 2 wound upgrade, and a hotshot shotgun!

Blue Face in all of his fiery glory!

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