Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Sneaky Sneaky Veterans!

The heaviest conversions of the project to date are here. The final army list was concocted using information like: How many bodies, and legs are available? How many special weapons are in the ol' bitz box? 

I'm happy to say that most squads can afford two special weapons each, but some are even more favoured by the dark armory than that! Today's post is about the only squad of (non-grenadier) veterans in the final list. With two plasma guns, and the scouts special rule these deadly warriors clock in at 130pts. 

I knew that this squad was going to manifest before I really got down into the nitty-gritty of bits delegation. Once I had combed through the relevant bits (there are a lot) I knew that the Helghast looking storm troopie heads would be committed to the plasma vets. And damn straight those eyes will be painted glowing orange! Ever since the Scions box came out two years ago I've wanted to paint me up some Killzone bros. The colour scheme of this squad is spoken for. 

The only problem was that I only had 8 of the Helghast type helmets. Luckily one of the barrette heads has a Helghast mask underneath the french cap, and the champ will fit in just fine with a bare head.

The killteam assembled

My least favourite model of the project so far. His pose just looks unbalanced to me. I underestimated the size of CSM plasma guns. Breaking him apart is an unfavourable option as these guys are glued together using Super T, and deconstruction would likely result in some unusable bits. Destroying bits at this point seems unacceptable when there are 40 or so more serfs to construct.

Fist pumping Plasma 2, note the bionic arm.

Damn, I have just nailed every single Champ of this project so far!

I really love the capes included in the marauder kits. SO relevant. 
On a completely unrelated note this passed weekend I had the chance to play another mission for my ongoing narrative campaign. On the off chance that anyone reading this hasn't also seen my OTHER blog I would be really chuffed if you'd check it out. You can find it here:

The most recent update features a custom scenario, and ends up turning into a murderous episode from game of thrones. Hope you enjoy.

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