Saturday, 18 July 2015

Platoon Growing Pains

It took me a while, but I finished modeling the 20 Death Korps look-a-likes. I've got to say that getting these guy's arms to fit together properly was an absolute pain. Each pair are made to fit each other exclusively. I'm particularly proud of each squad's champ.

On the battlefield these guys will be part of a regular infantry platoon. T3, 5+ save and one special weapon in each squad. I personally feel that grenade launchers are less than useful, but I decided to keep it because I love the look of the figure. These guys will play a vital part in operation: Meat shield.

Squad 1

Sweet ass champ spends all day in the gym.

Secret service guy talks into hand mic. Either that or he is about to sneeze.

Squad 2

Love how this dude turned out

So what do you guys think of these chums? Will they fit in with the rest of the renegades? They do appear to be quite a bit smaller than the rest of the sculpts, but I'm hoping with a proper paint job they will add to the 'rag-tag' theme.

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