Thursday, 14 January 2016

Hairy Tarantula North Is My New Home Away From Home

If I have any readers from Toronto who don't know about Hairy Tarantula... then Happy newyearbirthdaychristmashanukkah!: HAIRY TARANTULA

I've known about Hairy Tarantula peripherally for almost a year now. Thinking it was just another hobby shop; Oh the time I have wasted! I was in the area and tasked my chauffeur (gainfully employed girlfriend) to bring me round to the store front. Good god I was stunned with the place. The store occupied the entire basement of a small strip mall. It is jam packed front to back with all things nerd.

In my hunt for miniatures I discovered multiple BUCKETS filled to the brim with pewter miniatures (produced before I was born) selling for a couple bucks each. Racks and racks of blister packs are framed by boxes and boxes stuffed with more blister packs! I was in heaven.

On account of the lady boss waiting in the snowy tundra outside I felt a bit rushed. When I return on my own I will no doubt spend hours scouring every nook and cranny of that store, but for now I will share with you my booty from the first excursion. I only really got a chance to sift through a small sample of their miniature horde so all of the models I picked up are from a single company dubbed Celtos: a long dead producer of fantasy miniatures set in a Britannia setting.

Fire Devil Bro

Minotaur w/ Mace Axe

Back in the day miniature companies used to actually make Girl Minis! Can you believe that?

You should see the derriere on this one.

This guy was 2 dollars 50 cents.

Huge Staff. This guy was labeled as fire mage or something like that.

Vampire in draconic armour. The sword is actually longer in length than he stands head to toe. 

Another Vampire. Love the Emo hair. 

This was not actually scored from Hairy Tarantula. This Mini is my attempt at creating a D&D Tiefling who wears leather armour, has medium length hair, wields staff/long range weapon. What do you think? I know that she is a bit hard to make out from this picture. 

Green Stuff tail peeking out from under robes.


  1. This one is at Bayview and Steeles right? That's right next door to me... Do they have gaming tables and stuff there, or is it mostly just sales related....?

  2. That's the thing: the store is so big I didn't even make it to the back where the gaming stuff is. I'm sure they have terrain because they have 40k gaming on their schedule, but I haven't peeped it for myself. It's at Steeles and Yonge (close enough).