Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Unpredictable Production

At the end of my last post I had predicted that my next post would consist of some completed terrain projects. I did finish painting one terrain set, but then hobby ADD kicked in and I painted 20 miniatures from top to bottom.

Here is the set:

I'm not entirely thrilled with how it came out, but it's another item on the list done so I'm satisfied. While painting this Garden of Morr I broke the cardinal rule of air brushing: Don't put darker colours over lighter colours! When airbrushing light to dark you end up with recesses that betray A sense of depth.

I started this project without putting more than 5 seconds of planning into the colour scheme. I pulled out Karak stone and reaper gray. Stupidly I laid down the lighter Karak stone over everything, and then attacked with the reaper gray. This is the result. I've definitely learned this lesson before, but sometimes the important ones need to be relearned!

Anyways, onto the good stuff! I have a self imposed deadline coming up with a lot of my unfinished hobby projects so I have been wasting no time. My air compressor has been getting a fantastic workout. Here are 10 Ghouls built about two years ago and have been begging for some attention. They are 95% airbrush, 1% brush highlights and 4% Tamiya Red enamel.

Out of the 20 minis that I painted in the last two days, I enjoy the ghouls more. The second batch was 10 skeletons. This is a kit that I have wanted to paint for a very long time. Once I finally got to do it I felt rushed because of how quickly and easily the ghouls flew by. I think in the end these guys were more trouble than they might seem. I spent some time on building contrast in the true metallics, and messed around with some of the GW technical paints.

Every use of my GW technical paints has disappointed me. Maybe I'm just not using them right, but it seems to me that each surface looks best when it's just a base colour that's had contrast and texture built on to it. It seems that the technical paints are not the easy button that I had hoped they were. The paints I'm referring to by the way are: Nihilakh Oxide, Typhus Corrosion and Nurgles Rot.

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  1. Meanwhile I'm *ALMOST* done the 5 dudes I started LAST WEEK. Jebas. You're absolutely MURDERING my productivity rate.

    Keep it up!!!! (or not, I'm not sure if this is economically or physically sustainable.)