Saturday, 16 January 2016

Terrain on a Budget

Today my old lady dragged me to Value Village to hunt for soap making molds (dafuq??). Needless to say she didn't find anything nearly that specific at the second hand store, but I did find this masterpiece:

Of course his majesty didn't look like this when I first peeped him sitting there on the mildew scented shelf. He was more of a flat dull gray with crystal jewels embedded in him. Remember when I said "Every use of my GW technical paints has disappointed me"? Well I think I just correctly used one of them.

Gandalf here cost me a total of $5.99 at Value Village, was primed in Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover ($7 can), airbrushed with Folkart copper ($2.99), and then attacked with some GW Nihilakh Oxide.

Here he is is with Kramer for scale.

A couple of days ago my girlfriend came home with a gift for me from Dollarama. I guess she got some ideas after watching me spooge all over myself at Michael's after purchasing the bird houses. I don't know exactly what I would call it, but it works! I didn't ask but I can't imagine that it cost her more than 2 duckets.

Again Kramer for scale

I primed it with the rust-oleum and painted it with some Americana Burnt Umber. At some point in the future I will probably give it a light dry brushing to make it look a little less flat. Did I mention that it lights up?

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