Monday, 18 January 2016

Hairy Tarantula Round Two

Okay okay okay. I get it. I have a problem. So what?

I've plunged into the depths of Hairy Tarantula's miniature hoard yet again. I have finished sifting through every last one of their blister-pack-filled boxes. By the time I had finished I had been to the washroom three times to wash my hands due to the immense amount of dust coating these hidden gems. A good portion of my haul was produced before 1995, a couple of them (the Dwarves) dating back to 1986.

I left with a total of 25 pewter miniatures from a collection of old, dead miniature companies such as leviathan, Inferno, Celtos, Adiken, Ral Partha and Confrontation. I paid a total of $41 dollars. Am I taking crazy pills?



The first five photos are of Daemon prince sized models from a company called Inferno. I wonder what could have inspired this guy?

Okay so I already showed this guy off. I just wanted to display the finished base I built up for him.

Totally badass Minotaur from Confrontation that cost me 2 dollars.

Confrontation again, Worgen

Little Inferno devils.

Nice looking orc sculpt

The 30 year old (seriously)  Dwarves. 

A GORILLA! I've wanted a gorilla sculpt ever since reading that they can walk onto the field in Frostgrave.

6 Ladies with exposed nipples, wings and horns!

This guy is particularly awesome. It's hard to make out, but his staff is made of skulls and flames. I really enjoy the Parchment he is holding out. Satan has come to collect your soul as per this contract I'm holding!

This ones for you Bruce!

Rune priest from a time before that was even a thing.

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