Sunday, 24 January 2016

Operation: Human Shield

I challenged a local player at the club to a 1500pts 40k no-holds-barred throw-down. He mentioned preparing for an up-coming tournament that he wanted to take his sisters to.

Huh, darn... A scum bag list you say? I can hardly deal with balanced lists as it is. SEVEN drop pods you say? 

I think it's time to initiate operation: Human Shield

Fast-forward to game day. We're playing the relic. This is what my plan ended up looking like in action: 

I find it kind of humorous that the colour of my tank matches the one above...

The army list is essentially a Fell Blade accompanied by 50 cultists, and 20 Chaos Space marines w/ a Lord. His entire army started in reserve. I elected to take the first turn in hopes of increasing the size of my bubble wrap. 

Bottom of turn one. Now my opponent is determining which drop pods to place where. Decisions decisions... 

He is feeling bold. Three pods wrap the exterior of my force blocking it from the relic, and another drops in between the marine squad and the super-heavy. Five sisters w/ 4 meltas jump out of the daring pod and inflict two points of hull damage on the behemoth. Another squad births three centurions with a Librarian and they proceed to erase most of my 20-man CSM unit. 

On my turn both my Helldrake and Hell Talon show up from reserves dealing death to the ladies. 

More pods drop down on his turn (one of them mishaps off the table, and I place it in the top left corner) and he manages to bring the hullpoint damage total up to 8. 

His HQ unit arrives on turn 4 and put the finishing touches on my poor thunder-machine. 

The game ends with a mad dash for the relic in the center. This lone centurion climbs out of a crater in which the rest of his squad was mulched. The match ends on turn 6 with the relic unclaimed (at my warlords feet). I achieve Slay the Warlord for one point, while my opponent manages First Blood (Fellblade) and Line Breaker for a one point lead.

It was a super-fun match, and spoke volumes about how fun miniature-gaming can be with the right people.


  1. I watched C-bill fight the sist0rz yesterday afternoon. He brought his demon summoning list using Be'Lakor and Kairos... A really tight game that the sist0rz barely pulled out.

    I brought a heavily proxied skitarii force (I've got a lot in the box, OK? sheesh) and absolutely pulped the demons. I have tasted of the cheese... :(

    1. Yeah. He told me to bring something unfluffy so I did...

      Skitarii Maniple Detachment:
      Vanguard x5 - Arc Rifle, Arc Pistol, Taser Goad
      Vanguard x10
      Vanguard x10
      Rangers x5: Transuranic Arquebus, Omnispex
      Infiltrators: Taser Goads & Flichette Blasters
      Gun-crab: Neutron Compensation Cannon, Cognis Stubber

      Dominus Maniple (that new formation for the new boxed set):
      Techpriest Dominus (Warlord)
      Vanguard x10
      Gun-crab: Icarus Array, Cognis Stubber

      iKnight Crusader: RF-Battle Cannon, Avenger Gatling Cannon

      Key Points:
      -Icarus Array >>>>> FMC's, particularly when it's being given twin-linked for free by the Dominus
      -the iKnight can instagib plague drones, even without the D
      -30 (sometimes twin-linked) shots at BS5 from Vanguard that autowounds TWICE on 6's will do a number on anything, including a swooping Kairos.

      Once Be'Lakor went down (and the invisibility he brought to the table) the rest were pretty quick to follow.

      Unrelated: I'm 3 units away from being able to bring the Admech War Convocation (and this was done COMPLETELY by accident!!!). Rest assured, I will not play those who I consider my friends with that collection of formations unless they really want me to. At least not to its full potential.

    2. ALSO Worth noting: We played right after the game with the sist0rz which was a tourney game, so there wasn't as much LOS blocking terrain as there probably should have been.

    3. Wow.. It's interesting how this super-competitive composition just sort of fell in your lap. You got the tin mans because you thought they were neat looking didn't you? That's pretty awesome though; C is an extremely tough cookie to crack.

    4. it did! Although this is a brutal match-up for Demons, so much dakka, this list will literally drown you in attacks, be it shooting or otherwise.

      I doubt it'd do so well against shopkeep, or C's Eldar/Marines.

  2. (and yes, I did it because I loves me some crab-walkers, and jousting stompies, the tin-men are bonus :) )