Friday, 8 January 2016

The Final Set Pieces

I was beginning the long process of cleaning out my closet yesterday when I came across a few old purchases from Michael's just hanging out in a bin. Needless to say closet cleaning was brought to a halt (not the most disciplined).

Those of you who know me know that I had an experience a while back with trying to harden NON-HARDENING clay. Turns out: you cant. Really, no matter how hard you try that shit just aint happenin. A couple of months ago I picked up some of this air drying clay that doesn't require a kiln to harden. I'm not exactly sure what my big ideas were for it at the time, but I've got a plan to use at least a chunk of it based on what else I found in my closet.

A big-ol' roll of copper wire. Hmm what is my Mordheim terrain set missing? Other than a single completed building or warband I mean.

Just so happened to have a couple of KOW bases I had picked up way back when left over. 

And voila. Three larger than life twisty trees ready to be clayed up. Hopefully my experience with greenstuff will serve me well when trying to mold realistic looking bark onto these things. After adding the clay I will be painting and adding some Woodland Scenics green tree foliage in a reckless/novice manner.

I also decided to cannibalize some of my old 40k purposed terrain and turn it into smaller more manageable greenery clumps: 

 That's all for tonight. The list of things to do now looks like this:
  1. Finish cleaning closet
  2. Clean room and workspace
  3. Add clay to trees
  4. Airbrush primer onto all foam surfaces
  5. Airspray primer onto all other surfaces (except green tree bits)
  6. Airbrush as much terrain as humanly possible. 

My next post will hopefully contain a *crap* tonne of finished terrain projects. We'll see. 

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